Classic Sounds

Classic Sounds is an acclaimed Acapella Quintet that hails from the Bronx and Westchester Counties.If you close your eyes and think back to Murray the K, the Brooklyn Paramount, the street lights on Belmont Avenue, the boulevards of Bensonhurst, straphanging from a leather strap on your way to see "Dem Bums", Frankie, Dion, WMCA Good Guys, cruising the streets in a '56 Chevy with the windows cranked down, singing to the tunes on your portable AM radio, and a host of other good times, you’ll know why “The Classic Sounds” sing DooWop. That's why a surgeon, a plumber, 2 teachers, and a musician can lean in close to each other, sing those back-up sounds that are second nature to us all, give you a little hand jive and a smile, and make you remember what "feel good" acappella music is all about.Classic Sounds was formed in 2004.  The Groups members are Bob Seda, Alan Fennell, Gabriel Dassa, Steven Aversano and Julie Seda. They all met as members of the Westchester Chordsmen Acapella Chorus. They were a natural fit with all of them having their origins in the Bronx and very similar musical backgrounds. The group is built upon strong friendships and the love of music.  They are 2 time winners of the Sing Strong Acapella Idol competition and 2 time winners of the Don K. Reed Acapella competition at the Izod Center. They also  have been nominated for membership to the East Coast Music Hall of Fame. Their popularity has continued to grow with performances to standing ovations. Classic Sounds ring beautiful Harmonies and bring to stage a wonderful mix of entertainment and music.