Plus, a fantastic Doo Wop Show by: The Leaders Of The Pack featuring Vito Picone of The Elegants, Larry Chance of The Earls, Emil Stucchio of The Classics, and Lenny Dell of The Demensions

Vito Picone, Larry Chance, Emil Stucchio, and Lenny Dell

Lenny Dell

The start of the Demensions can be traced back to the 50's when Lenny Dell and Howie Margolin originally created the group.

In 1960 "Over The Rainbow" was released which skyrocketed to a #1 hit selling 2 1/2 million copies worldwide.

Then in 1963, "My Foolish Heart" hit nationally as well, and the Demensions appeared live on Dick Clark's American Bandstand repeatedly.

In the 1990s, Lenny Dell reformed The Demensions once again with new members and appeared live onstage at many venues including Westbury Music Fair, Atlantic City's Trop World, The Garden State Art Center and Madison Square Garden.

Lenny Dell has the uncanny ability to take a timeless standard and be able to recreate the song with the distinctive Demensions flair that is unmatched. He has the rare ability to locate the heart of a song and touch the heart of audiences in a way that is mesmerizing.

Larry Chance

Spanning from the late 1950's into the new millennium, the Earls have continuously been pleasing audiences with their flawless harmonies ceaseless vitality and endearing dedication to their fans. Larry Chance & the Earls represent the music that helped define Rock 'N' Roll, the original doo wop era that put the street corner- society onto the national charts.

Born in South Philadelphia, PA, Larry Chance grew up in a neighborhood noted for it's show business roots, spawning such talents as Fabian, Frankie Avalon, Chubby Checker, Mario Lanza, Danny & the Juniors, Joey Bishop, David Brenner, and many more. It was here Chance began his love affair with show business.

 It was 1955 when his family moved to the Bronx, NY, there Larry discovered that vocal groups were to be found on almost every street corner, so he developed one of his own in 1957, with five friends, and called his group, the High-Hatters. By 1960 the group had evolved into what would then be called "the Earls". Through the years, the original members moved on to other things.

Vito Picone

The Elegants, still based on Staten Island, New York, were formed in
1956 by their lead singer, Vito Picone, who also co-wrote their # l hit
single "Little Star."

The record sold over 2-1/2 million copies world-wide in 1958 on ABC Paramount's subsidiary label "APT." The group was named the #1 R&B and the #1 Pop artists of the year and adorned the cover of Cashbox Magazine receiving their gold record.

The group toured throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico in the late fifties and early sixties along with the early legends of their time until the U.S. Army and The Beatles changed the direction of their lives and careers.

Vito Picone (Original Lead Singer), was born and raised in South Beach, Staten Island spent four years at New Dorp H.S. Graduated from the Germain School of Photography in NYC. He has owned Headline Talent Inc., a booking agency on Broadway in New York City for over 25 years. He has two sons and one daughter. He is still a resident of Staten Island currently residing in Prince's Bay.

Emil Stucchio

"A certain kind of magic happens when The Classics step onto the stage and begin sailing from one song to another"... Emil Stucchio and The Classics’ unique style puts them in a class of their own. They received their recording contract in 1959 and their first release "Cinderella" hit the national Top 100. In 1963, The Classics released TILL THEN which sold over 5 1/2 million records and was voted #6 on the all-time Top 100 records on CBS FM! Their follow-up P.S. I LOVE YOU in 1964 was also a top 40 record.

The foundation of The Classics is the outstanding original lead voice of
Emil Stucchio.