Spanky’s Gang

Something magical seems to happen whenever relatives combine their voices in harmony - The Beach Boys, The Everly Brothers and The Bee Gees, are just a few fine examples.  The story of Spanky’s Gang goes back to the 1950s in Brooklyn, New York when brothers Frank and Nick (better known as Spanky) Pionegro stepped out on stage together for the first time.  The duo would bond over their love of rock and roll, singing together and with other street corner groups throughout the heyday of doo wopp.  Later, they would combine forces to create “Brass Expo”, a 7-piece show band that played New York’s finest supper clubs and show rooms through the 1970s.  Frank became a mainstay on the doo wopp scene in the northeast, singing with The Fireflies and Lenny Cocco & The Chimes while Spanky headed south and teamed up with his son Dino Pionegro to become of the most sought-after vintage rock and roll acts on the South Florida scene (appropriately titled Spanky & Dino).  Spanky’s Gang reunites the brothers Pionegro, Spanky’s son and their long-time friend Joe Mirrione (who is no stranger to intricate harmonies, having spent 7 years touring and recording with Rock & Roll Hall of Famers The Flamingos.)  So sit back and dig Spanky’s Gang - acappella symphonies from the golden days when every sidewalk was a stage and every street light a spotlight.