Check-In Online and Download the HAL Navigator App!

Holland America Line requests all guests complete their check-in online for the Malt Shop Memories Cruise 2024.

A few months prior to sailing (approximately mid-June 2024) you will receive an email in your inbox from containing your unique Holland America Line booking number. If you cannot find this email, you can also find your booking number in your StarVista LIVE account under your reservation. 

Check-In Online Step by Step:

  • Have your booking number and passport on hand and Log in to
  • If you are not immediately directed to the check in page, follow the “Manage My Cruise” tab at the top of the page, then select “Check In”
  • There are two ways to start your online check-in process:
    • If you have a Holland America Line account, you can log in with your Mariner ID login.
    • Or, on the righthand side, follow the prompts under “Log In with Booking Number". You will need to enter your Holland America Line Booking Number that was emailed to you. It is the 6-digit alphanumeric character code. Enter your last name, first name, and answer the validation question then click “Log In”.
  • Select All guests or whichever guest you would like to check-in.
  • Follow the instructions. It will take about 10-15 minutes to fully complete your online check-in. There are a few steps you will need to fill out:
    • Accept Holland America Line Cruise Contract
    • Guest Information
    • Passport and Safety Details
    • Cruise Flight Details
    • Emergency Contacts Information
    • Onboard Account (register a credit card)
    • Review Summary and Boarding Pass
  • Express Docs (boarding pass and luggage tags) will be available approximately 14 days prior to sailing to print. Also you will have access to your mobile boarding pass through the Holland America Line Navigator App, under Wallet at that time. (Insider tip: take a photo of the boarding pass so it’s easy to access in the cruise terminal).
  • Luggage tags can be emailed to you at completion of check in. Please DO NOT adhere to luggage before your flight in case they rip or tear off en route. Be sure to print these prior to 72 hours before sailing.

Deadline to check in online is close of business October 24, 2024 (EST).

Holland America Line Navigator App
The Holland America Navigator mobile app is your indispensable tool for cruise planning, boarding passes, embarkation updates, managing onboard experiences, booking shore excursions, viewing restaurant menus, checking account balances and more. In addition, the Malt Shop Memories Cruise weekly program of show times and events will be posted here when you board the ship. It is complimentary to download and use, and is available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

It is best to download this app to your mobile device at home after you create your account and complete check-in online on the Holland America website (instructions are bulleted above). Once you download the app, use your Holland America Line account login to gain access to your account from your mobile device while onboard without buying an internet plan.

There are many perks to using this app before and during the cruise:


  • Under Account, store/retrieve both your digital boarding pass for embarkation and any purchased shore excursion tickets
  • Under the Experiences tab, see the port itinerary, review and purchase all the possible shore excursions, review dining and bar options, make dining reservations at specialty dining and browse the spa offerings and more


  • Under Account, store/retrieve your shore excursion tickets and check your billing statement
  • Under the Plan tab, review deck plans to help you get where you want to go easily, keep track of daily activities and show times in your daily planner, and view FAQs on shipboard life
  • Under the Experiences tab, all the above plus order now for food, beverages and more at your service
  • Under the Connect tab, purchase an internet plan, give feedback on Holland America Line, get news and magazines from Pressreader and use the Complimentary Chat to stay connected with other cruisers

We understand that you may have some questions about how to check-in online and use the Holland America Navigator app. In conjunction with Holland America Line, we have put together step by step instructions and videos to Download, Register, Login, and View any Shore Excursion tickets to start using your app and kick off your trip with ease!

How to Download and Log In to the Holland America Line Navigator app:

  1. Go to your App Store on your mobile device
  2. Go to Search
  3. In the search field, type in “Holland America Line Navigator”
  4. Click “Get” to download
  5. Once installed, click “Open” to launch Holland America Line Navigator
  6. Click Login and enter your Email or Mariner ID number and password
    • If your device is compatible, you can select to enable Face or Touch ID for future use
  7. Click Login

How to Register for the Holland America Line Navigator app: 

If you do not already have a account, you will need to register before using the Holland America Line Navigator app.

  1. Click the Navigator app icon to launch the Holland America Line Navigator app
  2. Click “Login”
  3. Click “Register”
  4. Fill in your email, password, legal first and last name, and date of birth. Then click “Next”
  5. Fill in your country of residence and postal zip code. Then select from the dropdown menus to set your security questions. You must also click the box to agree to the Terms of Use.
    • There is an option selection to receive promotional emails from Holland America Line. Check this box if you are interested.
  6. Click “Register” 

You will then be able to use the email and password you entered to login in the future.

Holland America Line Navigator App Shore Excursion E-Tickets Tutorial

Guests can now access their e-tickets for shore excursions through the Navigator App.

  1. Once the Navigator app has been launched, you will be able to access your electronic tour ticket(s) from a few different locations.
    1. Under Account, click “My Wallet” to open a simple and fast way to access your shore excursion tickets.
      1. If you want to see your tour information prior to the beginning of our cruise, go to “My Itinerary” to see a description and booking details of the tour.
        1. Please note this will not be usable or scannable by staff until you are onboard and the ticket has been updated to an e-ticket format with a scannable barcode.
      2. On this screen, you can see each tour you have booked, the departure time, and number of tickets purchased for any guest staying in the purchased stateroom.
      3. Once you click on the tour, the electronic ticket will be shown on the screen. If there is more than one ticket, you can swipe to view the additional tour tickets.
    2. You can also click on “Plan” and select “My Itinerary”
      1. Using the dropdown, you can select the day of your scheduled tour and see a list view of tours booked. Click on the tour information at the e-ticket will open in the next screen.
        1. Your electronic ticket will show the tour name, the number of tickets, the ship, stateroom number, meeting time and point, and departure time.

      Key Points:

      • You will receive a notification to your smart device 90 minutes prior to your tour’s departure time, as a reminder. If your tour has a change to its departure time, the automatic notification will adjust to 90 minutes prior to the updated tour time.
      • You will not be able to view e-tickets before sailing.
      • You can access your shore excursion e-tickets through:
        • Wallet & Tour Tickets
        • My Itinerary

If you have other questions about the Holland America Line Navigator app, please contact Holland America Line at 1-855-932-1711.