Cabin Prices

What Rate Applies to Me?

If you have sailed with us on a Malt Shop Memories Cruise, then you are eligible for the "Alumni Rate." If you are a New Guest and have never sailed with us before, then the "Freshman Rate" applies to you. To inquire about the "Alumni Rate," please call the office at (844) 855-MALT (6258).

PS Penthouse Suite $6,005 Learn More
SA Neptune Suite $4,275 Learn More
SB Neptune Suite $4,245 Learn More
SC Neptune Suite $4,220 Learn More
SQ Neptune Suite (Spa Suite) $4,200 Learn More
SS Signature Suite $3,905 Learn More
SY Signature Suite $3,855 Learn More
SZ Signature Suite $3,825 Learn More
V Verandah $3,330 Learn More
VA Verandah $3,300 Learn More
VB Verandah $3,275 Learn More
VC Verandah $3,250 Learn More
VD Verandah $3,225 Learn More
VE Verandah $3,195 Learn More
VF Verandah $3,170 Learn More
VH Verandah $3,145 Learn More
VQ Verandah Spa $3,120 Learn More
C Ocean View $2,775 Learn More
CQ Ocean View Spa $2,750 Learn More
D Ocean View $2,725 Learn More
DD Ocean View $2,700 Learn More
E Ocean View $2,670 Learn More
F Ocean View $2,645 Learn More
G Ocean View (obstructed) $2,620 Learn More
H Ocean View (obstructed) $2,565 Learn More
HH Ocean View (obstructed) $2,565 Learn More
I Interior $2,175 Learn More
IQ Interior Spa $2,175 Learn More
J Interior $2,145 Learn More
K Interior $2,115 Learn More
L Interior $2,115 Learn More
M Interior (Singles) $2,935 Learn More
MM Interior (Singles) $2,935 Learn More
N Interior (Singles) $2,830 Learn More
  • These prices are “cruise only” in U.S. Dollars (USD) and are quoted per person based upon double occupancy, except for “Singles”, and do not include port charges, airfare, ground transportation, onboard purchases, purchased drinks onboard or excursions. It does include all meals, shows and onboard events produced by StarVista LIVE.

To qualify for our “Military Rate” you must provide a copy of your DD-214 or a military id.  Please email this to after booking and the 5% discount will apply to your balance before your first payment installment. Please note that in order to receive the discount, you cannot have already paid in full at the time of the application.

If you’d like to pay in full, please call our office at (844) 855-MALT (6258) to book your cabin and provide the above information.