Performance Schedule

We are excited to share the current schedule for this year’s cruise! Please only use this as a guide. A complete daily program will be provided onboard, this schedule will not be updated once onboard and should not be used. So, please refer to your daily program onboard for the latest.

As a reminder, sched is not a tool to reserve seats or attendance in advance. All non-colored shows are first come, first serve. Please note you cannot build your own schedule in the Sched app. We understand it is a functionality within the app, however this is not available for our event.

A Note Regarding Colored Shows: At the time of booking, if you chose the early show and late dinner, you will be given a key card with a BLUE background when you arrive and check-in in person at the ship terminal. If you chose late show, and early dinner, you will be given a GREY card. Since the Mainstage Theater only holds half the ship, the two different colors simply indicate whether you see that main theater artist in the first or second show. This also provides a much more intimate experience for our guests.

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