George Trullinger

George is not only a great impersonator and musician, he has the audience cracking up with the comedy he throws into his act. He jokes about looking like a “geek” with his greasy, slicked-back hair, big horned-rim glasses, bow-tie, and white socks – but then really gets down to some serious rockin’ and rollin’ when he launches into well-known Holly favorites like “Not Fade Away,” and “That’ll Be The Day” – during which he has us all singing along.

George Trullinger always knew he wanted to be in the music business. A native Californian, George worked as a young man at Disneyland during the day and played in a band at night. The band was fun for George but he wanted a challenge and a challenge he received. He auditioned for the role of Paul McCartney in a Beatles tribute band. It was not long before George was portraying the legendary rocker on stage throughout the country. During this time, George affectionately calls this, “paying my dues.”

While on the road as Paul McCartney, George also traveled with a Buddy Holly impersonator. When the regular Holly impersonator got sick before the show, George was the only one available who fit the costume. From that night, George began to perfect the sound and costumes of Buddy Holly. After a few months of practicing, George heard that Legends In Concert was looking for a Buddy Holly look-alike/sound-alike. By then, he had mastered the sound perfectly and his striking resemblance to the rock and roll classic star made him a shoe-in for the show. With his charisma and energy, George captivated every audience, young and old. When he yells out, “Do we have any rock and rollers out there?” Response is thunderous to his outstanding performance of songs like “Oh Boy,” “Peggy Sue” and “That’ll Be The Day.”