MSM June Trivia Answers

Hope you had fun challenging yourself with some Malt Shop Memories Trivia from June’s edition of The Scoop!

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Questions & Answers:

  1. What year was the Microwave Oven invented?

Answer: 1967

  1. What was the Motown Recording Company originally called?

Answer: Tamla Records

  1. What year did the first Walmart open?

Answer: 1962

  1. What year were ZIP Codes first introduced in the United States?

Answer: 1963

  1. What was the very first credit card that was issued in 1954?

Answer: Diners Club

  1. In 1956 a revolutionary glue was invented and sold as Eastman #910. What was it later called?

Answer: Superglue

  1. What was Smokey Robinson and the Miracles originally known as?

Answer: The 5 Chimes

  1. The Beach Boys formed a corporation known as what?

Answer: Brothers Records INC

  1. The Lettermen were unknown until they signed with what record company?

Answer: Capital Records

  1. Gary Lewis & The Playboys officially disbanded in what year?

Answer: 1970

  1. What is Chris Montez’s real name?

Answer: Ezekiel Christopher Montanez

  1. The Happenings’ first major hit was “See You In September” in 1966. What music group originally recorded this song?

Answer: The Tempos in 1959

  1. How did the name for the group Brooklyn Bridge come about?

Answer: In 1968, Johnny Maestro along with the groups: The Del-Satins and the eleven-piece group, The Rhythm Method, played at the Cloud Nine Night Club. There, record producer Alan White made a comment that it would be easier to sell the Brooklyn Bridge than all of these guys.

  1. What was Lenny Welch’s second hit song in 1964?

Answer: “Ebb Tide”

  1. Mel Carter originally recorded for SAR Records. Who owned this record company?

Answer: Sam Cooke

Trivia is courtesy of Steve Walsh of Hitmaker Trivia, who also entertains us onboard with his Trivia sessions.