Malt Shop Memories Cruise Featured in New Book

We’re so excited that the Malt Shop Memories Cruise is featured in a new book!  “The Joy of Cruising” is an anthology that takes a look at everything we love about cruising from the vantage point of travelers just like you who are passionate about it. It is a must-read for anyone who has ever cruised, aspires to take a cruise or just loves travel. Florida Weekly raved about the book recently, calling it a “tasty smorgasbord of information …a collection of good sense, acute observations, colorful vignettes about colorful cruisers, cruise entrepreneurs and widely followed cruise journalists.”

“The Joy of Cruising” devotes a chapter to StarVista LIVE and the very special vacation experiences that we love to create for all of you, especially on the Malt Shop Memories Cruise. The book’s author, Paul C. Thornton, interviewed our very own Mike Jason, who explained how we build an “environment so that when cruisers walk on that ship they leave any problems at home, and they feel like they are in a nostalgic time period…They meet new friends, reconnect with old friends; even some of the artists have become friends with the guests as they are the same age, have grandchildren, similar issues. There is not a big gap between the artists and the guests. And it is an intimate setting. Each cruise is truly a community.”

“The Joy of Cruising” is available in softcover or eBook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google, Kobo and Bookbaby.