The Top 6 Trivia Questions That Stumped Our 2016 Cruisers

There’s something about our trivia games that brings out the competitive spirit - and laughs - in everyone. This year, Steve and his Hitmakers trivia team brought on more of their great challenge questions alongside his vintage video clips for some more blast from the past trivia.


Below were the toughest questions that stumped even our brightest trivia contestants. Scroll down to see the answers below.

  1. Who was Eddie Cochran’s favorite singer
  2. What was the first hit record to use a synthesizer
  3. Who sang First Quarrel & Young Lovers
  4. What was Frankie Valli’s first group name
  5. Gary U.S.Bonds big hit Quarter to Three was originally an instrumental hit called
  6. What was the name of the gospel group that Dionne Warwick formed with her sister and aunt



  1. Ray Charles
  2. Runaway by Del Shannon
  3. Paul & Paula      
  4. The Variatones
  5. A Night with Daddy G      
  6. The Gospelaires