Announcing Our 2022 Theme Nights!

Theme nights have become a spectacular tradition on the cruise and the creativity and costumes have just blown us away. Check out this year’s themes and join the fun. Participation isn’t mandatory, but we welcome everyone to get decked out in a small or big way. Or, if you prefer, just enjoy the celebratory evenings on the pool deck!

Monday, October 31st: A Boo-tiful Halloween Party. 

Trick or treat Halloween Celebration—Ghouls and goblins galore! Dress in your scariest costumes for a howlin’ night under the moon.  

Tuesday, November 1st: Sock Hop

Gals, pack your poodle skirts and saddle shoes; guys, grab your letterman sweaters and high-top sneakers to celebrate the great preppy styles of the late ’50s and early ’60s on the Lido Deck. 

Wednesday, November 2nd: PJ Night

No time to pile up on Z's tonight - wear your jamarettes, nightshirts or favorite PJs to dance the night away at the Lido Stage.

Thursday, November 3rd: Back to the Beach Night. 

Wear your shorts, sarongs, Hawaiian shirts, leis or simply something comfortable for a special evening at the Pool with Jan and Dean's Beach Party featuring Dean Torrence!

Friday, November 4th: Prom Night. 

It was a very special night years ago, so wear what you wore, would have worn or wished that you wore to your senior prom.

If you haven’t secured your reservation, book now before it’s too late.

Don’t miss the theme nights, incredible performances from your rock ‘n’ roll legends and so much more on the Malt Shop Memories Cruise 2022. It’s a vacation of a lifetime!