The Coasters


Show business has never seen a group quite like THE COASTERS® They occupy a special niche in the music field. Because of their style and approach, they are in a class of their own. No wonder THE COASTERS® are labeled “THE CLOWN PRINCE'S OF ROCK “N' ROLL.

Nothing in the world is more difficult to achieve than a long term career in the record business by being funny. But THE COASTERS® have had a long unbroken string of hits all containing humorous materials. In this respect, THE COASTERS® are certainly unique.

THE COASTERS® first hit ”DOWN IN MEXICO” was released in the spring of 1956. Sold approximately 500,000 copies. In 1957 they hit the chart with a double-sided smash “YOUNG BLOOD” and  'SEARCHIN'. Each sold a million copies. This put THE COASTERS® on the road to a long career.

In 1958  THE COASTERS® again hit the chart with two blockbuster hits, “YAKETY YAK” and 'CHARLIE BROWN”.These stayed on the Billboard top ten list for several weeks with 'YAKETY YAK” in the No.1 position and 'CHARLIE BROWN” in the No.2 position. From then on  it was hit after hit for “THE COASTERS”® with such hits as “POISON IVY”, “ALONG CAME JONES”, “LITTLE EGYPT”, “LOVE POTION #9”,“ZING WENT THE STRINGS OF MY HEART”, and  “BABY THAT'S ROCK “N” ROLL just to name a few. Most if not all of THE COASTERS® materials were written and produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, who also wrote for many other artists.

The original Coasters  that were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame  was Carl Gardner, lead singer, Billy Guy, Cornell Gunter, & Will (Dub) Jones). All deceased.


THE COASTERS® now consists of four very talented vocalist, Joe Lance Williams(tenor/baritone,) Primotivo Candelaria (first tenor) Dennis Anderson (2nd tenor) Eddie Whifield (Bass) Robert Fowler (Alt. Bass). Personal bio can be seen on the

Over sixty years and THE COASTERS® are still going strong under the management of Veta Gardner, wife of the late Carl Gardner, the original lead singer and founder of THE COASTERS® who departed from us on June 12,2011.  The current group performs with the same style and quality of the “ORIGINAL COASTERS®”. THE COASTERS® were the first vocal group to be inducted into the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME in 1987.  They have received many awards during their lifetime. Veta Gardner owns the legal right  to THE COASTERS® name. 

Though often imitated, they have never been duplicated and continues to do what they do best. “ENTERTAIN” their audiences.