The Duprees

The tradition and sound that originally made The Duprees such a well-loved and successful group has echoed through time for more than 50 years. Tommy Petillo, Jimmy Spinelli, and Shawn Stevens active today clearly show their dedication and passion for the type of music that started on a New Jersey street corner and grew to something both classic and ultimately timeless.

The Duprees have entertained audiences who love their unique and romantic sound for more than six decades. From their doo-wop and rock and roll groups start in Jersey City New Jersey, they grew quickly to become a sensation all across the country and around the world. Although members have changed throughout the years, the singing group stayed in touch with their east coast roots and dedication to bringing favorite classics in an updated style. The singing group still thrills audiences with their smooth harmonies and romantic sound as they revitalize their top hits for new generations. Their dedication to preserving the sound, sharing it with more people, and spreading appreciation for music everywhere continues with Tommy Petillo, Jimmy Spinelli, and Shawn Stevens who are today's Duprees for more than 40 years now of stage performances.